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I had an infected tooth and bridge removed, and then implants. Friendly and no pain. Very professional and knowledgeable.
Johnny H.

    I needed to have teeth removed, bone replacement and prep for implants. The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They make you feel as comfortable as possible and are very focused on the patient. I am looking forward to smiling again. I can already feel a huge difference in my overall health. Dr. Hammond and his staff made it clear that my health and comfort were their primary concern.
    Misty S.

I needed a single implant. It was such a pleasure to be your patient. Your office was superb- - A+! They were friendly, pleasant and ever so thorough, always taking time to sit down with me and my daughter before surgery to go over everything.
Angie A.

    I was missing one tooth. I had the best sleep of my life (conscious sedation).No pain. Everything is perfect.
    Robert S.

In 2005, our son, Eric, was found to have a growth on his gum which Dr. Hammond removed. In 2008, Eric needed to have a gum graft. Everyone in the office from the front desk and in back were always courteous and helpful. They all took the time to explain every procedure or payment. When Dr. Hammond removed the growth from Eric’s gum, he took extra follow up visits to make sure the growth did not return and would not release him back to his orthodontist until he was sure Eric was healed. Thanks for taking such good care of our son!
Linda C.

    I needed periodontal work done. Everyone was so nice. Promptness—I never waited long. I definitely noticed the cleanliness of the office. I have been doing great. I never did have any pain. I wish me and my family had gone to Dr. Hammond earlier. We all will from now on!
    Audrey C.

My daughter had excess skin between her from two teeth. I liked the friendly staff, professionalism by the staff, cleanliness of your office and the follow-up call by Dr. Hammond! Everyone says “your teeth look great.” You can’t even tell there was excess skin at the top.
Rush W.

    I had several unacceptable readings on one tooth. I was treated in a very professional manner and with utmost courtesy by all the staff members. I especially like the manner of making the financial arrangements and payment in a private setting instead of at a counter in earshot of other patients. Do not be concerned, it was easier than getting a filling procedure done and you don’t remember a thing. Appointments were routine and not to be feared. I enjoyed returning to the office for appointments because it made me feel like visiting old friends again!
    Dillard B.

I had an infected tooth which deep cleaning did not help so I needed my two front teeth extracted. People were very nice and service was on time. 
Dana B.

    My daughter had thinning gums on seven lower teeth that needed to be grafted. Staff along with Dr. Hammond was very friendly and made us feel comfortable with the procedure by answering all of our questions beforehand and after. Yes, Dr. Hammond’s bed side manner was great! Cheris really liked him. He was very understanding about her phobia of needles and I.V.’s. I really appreciated Dr. Hammond calling to check to Cheris later that Friday night. It let us know that he really does care about his patients.
    Sandy E.

My lower molar split. Everyone (Dr. Hammond and staff) treated me like my time is important. This is rarely experienced in any Dr. Office. I would not consider going anywhere else to have periodontal/implant dental work performed.
Hunter B.

    My daughter needed a tooth to be exposed. Dr. Hammond was very personable as were his staff which made Ana as a patient feel comfortable and me as a parent less nervous. You have a great staff and if any of my other children need your services I will request to be referred to you.
    Tina S.

I had thin, receding gums. The procedure was far less traumatic and painful then anticipated. Healing was more an annoyance than painful. Less recession, thicker gums. Everything went very smoothly.
Martin R.

    I had a broken back upper left side tooth from filling. It broke below the gum line. Because I have crown on either side, I was more a candidate for a bridge. Go to Dr. Hammond with complete confidence that your comfort, outcome and health are of the utmost importance. For any dental situation beyond your regular dentist, Dr. Hammond and his staff will take care of you.
    Melissa D.

I needed an implant. I would say that I was very satisfied with the results and professionalism of everyone.
Ginger N.

    My daughter needed implants. Everyone in the office was friendly and very helpful. Service performed was very professional and pain free. Everything was great, from beginning to end!
    Al C.

I needed a graft from roof of mouth to lower gum. Everyone was very nice and professional. Healed nicely, did well!
David S. for Anna Claire S.

    I had a broken bottom two teeth. The professional courtesy, friendliness and caring of all the staff and Dr. Hammond. I would recommend you unequivocally.
    Karen P.

My daughter, Taylor, needed gum surgery. You were wonderful to her and made her feel very comfortable. I would recommend this office very highly because you are very informative, caring and understanding. Everything was great. Taylor is thirteen and this was the first time she ever had a procedure done like this and she was very nervous. Dr. Hammond and his staff went the extra mile to make sure she was comfortable and really took the time with her. As a mother, that meant everything and I am grateful for you and your staff.
Anita K.

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